Advanced Prescriptive Maintenance System   

Every predictive maintenance technology should foresee failures before their occurrence, but none automatically gives you actionable instructions about how to solve them.

Every advanced predictive maintenance technology can survey a single critical machine, but none could survey a complex mechanical ecosystem and evaluate the intercorrelations between its machinery and equipment.



Only APMS can.


We will provide you with a live dynamic prognosis of your mechanical assets.

4 main steps to guarantee your asset's health:


Signs & symptoms detection :


Data collection and handling of the machinery’s health condition


Symptoms’ correlation :


Root Cause Analysis which relies on the correlation of condition and process data


 Issue identification :


Automated technical diagnosis provides the upcoming technical “illnesses” of your asset. 


Prescription :


Actionable and accurate detailed mechanical advice to solve the identified technical issues.



And more...



APMS is a Prescriptive Diagnostic System which provides effective superintendence ofentire mechanical eco-systems.

In details APMS is: 

  • A predictive mechanical failure detection system.
  • An autonomous system capable to provide technical insights for corrective actions.

APMS is a comprehensive system motorized by algorithms and rules, developed in technological partnership with Rockwell Automation Inc.

APMS allows an easy integration and smooth data interchange within the

other information systems for a real Asset Integrity Management.



the disruptive technology in the maintenance world.


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