APMS Benefits  








      Several studies show that 80% of technical failures cannot be
predicted and corrective actions cannot be scheduled with planned
This leads to a large amount of unscheduled downtime and off-hire.
APMS has been designed to bring intelligence and information that
reduce the so called “random failures” by at least 50%.
The system makes failures predictable and therefore it enables the
scheduling of corrective maintenance activities.








      APMS supports local teams to diagnose a failure before its
occurrence and to provide a solution to solve it.
The system is a complementary decision making tool for
maintenance staff providing multi-domain technical
expertise and suggesting proper actions. 









      With APMS technology you will be able to:      




Maintain REMOTE control of all your assets from one place








Bring top level technical expertise ACROSS all your assets








   Improve your Environmental and Health & Safety strategies.















More appeal towards Majors and Charterers.


Real-time and remote control and diagnosis enable a full trackability of the vessels.


Better rating from Insurance companies, Class societies &
International Marine authorities.


Online remote accessible data


Class societies: better ranking from IACS members


Insurance companies: Minimization of the overall risk factors:


Lower fees, Higher “Profit Sharing” clause.


International Marine authorities:


Higher certification ranking from TMSA, RIGHTSHIP


Improvement of the Environmental and Health & Safety


Constant monitoring and early warning systems.


Decreasing associated risks from 8% to 14% (source: Capgemini, PWC)



50% reduction of random technical failure


82% of technical failures occur randomly and they affect the continuity and regularity of the services.


Reduction of technical failures previously detecting and fixing them.


Retrieved from “Enterprise Asset Management Market Research”, Arc Advisory Group (2018). (source: IBM, ArcAdvisory Group, Capgemini)


25% reduction in your yearly parts expenses.

Thanks to the decrease in operational downtime and vessels’off-hire.

(source: Capgemini)


30% reduction of the overall maintenance-related costs.

through 50% less technical failures applying APMS

and just about 10% of repairing cost in reactive

maintenance. (source: IBM reports, Capgemini, PWC)


50% reduction in unscheduled downtime and off-hire.

APMS technology prevents technical failures therefore
it reduces financial loss generated by unscheduled


Minimization of the scheduled maintenance downtime
and increase of the vessel’s operability

Due to direct cost savings and shorter service.


Extension of the machinery assets’ lifecycle.

Continuous monitoring and preventive identification of defective components

enable to enhance the machinery's lifecycle and preserve the machine integrity.

(source: Capgemini, PWC)


50% cutting of onboard technical inspection associated costs.

Continuous monitoring and remote surveying of vessels and the fleet's machinery.




Non-intrusive technology


Preservation of the legacy software


Full integration with the current software application.


Designed to collect, process and exchange data with other
systems to potentiate the company’s asset integrity


Quick and easy installation.


2 or 3-days to install APMS’s components.


365days/24hours online remote service.


Continuous monitoring and diagnostic services enabled by the
IoT technology.


Our staff of technical & engineering experts at your disposal.


Cost-effective service



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