APMS Benefits



     Less unscheduled downtime        

Several studies show that 80% of technical failures cannot be predicted and corrective actions cannot be scheduled with planned maintenance.

This leads to a large amount of unscheduled downtime.

APMS has been designed to bring intelligence and information that reduce the so called “random failures” by at least 50%.

The system makes failures predictable, therefore it enables a more efficient corrective maintenance activities planning.




    Technical guidance        

APMS supports the maintenance staff to detect failures before their occurrence and to provide the right solution to solve them.

The system is a complementary decision making tool providing multi-domain technical expertise which can be integrated remotely by AMS's specialists and academic partners.




Technical Supervision        

With APMS technology you will be able to:

  • Maintain a centralized remote control of all your assets.
  • Bring top level technical expertise ACROSS all your assets 
  • Improve your Environmental and Health & Safety policies.


    Costs reduction    
    50% reduction of random technical failure.From 30% to 50% reduction unscheduled downtime and off hire.   25% reduction in your yearly parts expenses, thanks to a decrease in operational downtime and vessels’off hire.    
    25% reduction of the overall maintenance related costs. through 50% less technical failures applying APMS and just about 10% of repairing cost in reactive maintenance.   From 7% to 20 % extension of the machinery assets’ lifecycle.    

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