APMS System



Apms Specifics



Non-intrusive technology

Preservation of the legacy software and company workflows.


Full integration with the current software applications

Designed to collect, process, and exchange data with other systems to potentiate the company’s asset integrity management.


Quick and easy installation

2 or 3-days to install APMS’s components.


Online Remote Access & Control

365 days/24-hour service through continuous monitoring and diagnostic services.


Our staff of technical & engineering experts at your disposal.


Total customization

The system is tailored and adapted to the customer’s needs.


High-quality KPIs

Information to support the decision-making process.


Training Service Availability.


Cross-Industry technology.


Cost-effective technology.


Rina and Bureau Veritas Certifications.   


Academic collaborations with Universities

University of Padua, University of Naples, University of Genoa.



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